Pawsitive Attention is locally owned and operated, and licensed with the City of Edmonton.  I am experienced in caring for dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, rabbits and hamsters. My love for animals began at a very young age and for more than 30 years, I have had the privilege of being a pet parent to dogs, cats, rabbits and hamsters. Our pet family currently consists of three cats, aged 6, 5, and 3, adopted from the Edmonton Humane Society, and two senior dogs, adopted from Second Chance Animal Rescue Society.  Most recently, we enjoyed the company of our 20-year-old cat and her sister, who we had to say farewell to at the age of 17, also adopted from the Edmonton Humane Society, and our other senior dog, also adopted from SCARS.  While we miss them dearly, we are grateful for the many wonderful years we had with them as part of our family and our newest family members continue to bring the joy  and laughter into our household that their predecessors did.


Pet Sitting Benefits

From a pet's perspective, a familiar environment, diet and exercise routine along with the personal attention provided by a professional pet sitter can minimize the trauma of an owner's temporary absence. You don't have to worry about the health and happiness of your pets, or imposing on busy friends, family or neighbours when you are on vacation or working hard away from home. 

In addition, instead of paying for multiple pets in a day care or boarding facility, along with paying separate fees for a house sitter, you can pay one reasonable fee to have a professional provide you with all the care and services you and your pet need. You can put your worries aside and enjoy your vacation or concentrate on your job while your pet stays safely at home getting the individual love and attention they each need.  

Photos by R. Dabgotra

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